Brookline Senior Center

GTC Completes Renovations at Evelyn Kirrane Aquatics Center

Featured in High Profile Magazine

Brookline, MA – GTC Construction Management, of Haverhill, recently completed major renovations at the Brookline Senior Center and expects to complete a major renovation at the Evelyn Kirrane Aquatics Center in May.

The Brookline Senior Center project included the renovation of the basement and fitness area of the facility.

“We saw prebid how critical the senior center project was to the seniors of Brookline and how it was in the very heart of a place they call home every day. We strove to be the least invasive as possible and even did disruptive and intrusive work off hours. Our dedication paid off and the seniors are now occupying beautifully renovated teaching and work spaces that include a state-of-the-art fitness facility.”

Owner, GTC Inc

Work at the Aquatics Center includes concrete pool deck repair at the underside of the pool deck, pool deck and tile repair, and repair adjustment of an existing light fixture lowering device. Work also includes modifications to the existing locker rooms, unisex toilet facilities, and staff offices including selective demolition, masonry, doors, storefront, finishes, specialty items, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work.

Keevers said,” GTC is proud to be a part of such a meaningful project that really impacts the health and wellbeing of the seniors and youth in the community. We have enjoyed working with the professionals at the City of Brookline in the past and look forward to continuing our relationship on this project.”

  • It is said to have been the first municipally operated indoor bathhouse/pool in the United States.
  • In 1897 a new bathhouse contained rain baths, tubs, a tank 80′ x 26′ lined with English white glazed brick, another tank 22′ x 10′, about 50 dressing rooms, a gallery, and a small laundry for towels and suits.
  • Noted Swiss-American architect, Franz Joseph Untersee designed renovations in 1899 in which three rooms were added, including a hair drying room for the women.
  • The floor of the large pool had mosaic tiling and there were marble steps at each end which were removed in 1903 for safety reasons.
  • The interior had lettering on the walls including the vote of Town Meeting establishing the bath house, quotations from poets, and the names of famous swimmers, including, Ulysses, Leander, Charlemagne, Nicolo of Cola, and Franklin.
  • The newly founded swimming club increased its membership and gave several exhibitions of swimming exercises and polo at the bathhouse.
  • By 1916, $15,600 was spent to renovate and improve the operation.
    Shower baths were added in 1922.
  • In 1929, free instructions in swimming and life saving were given. In 1949, a water pageant was held with the setting a Cape Cod fishing wharf. A group of anglers started a bait casting club.
  • The new swimming pool designed by Anderson, Beckwith and Haible was constructed in 1956.
  • Dedicated in June of l958, the pool hosted its first meet on July 4th.